Watch face exceeds memory usage: let's clarify

I’m using the latest available version, but this rejection still happens on a couple watchfaces. They are pretty complex (a lot of customization options) but the aab file size is 4.5MB, and doesn’t exceed the 10MB memory budget stated here Wear OS アプリの品質  |  Android デベロッパー  |  Android Developers
Once and for all i must understand how this “memory usage” thing works. I don’t want to delete half the customization options just to force my watchface to be accepted.

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Hi. Do you use some pnq optimizer to reduce image sizes?

Also, I would not rush to release it on Google Play. All watch faces that are updated with WFS 1.4.19 or 1.4.20 are currently ‘unsupported’. New users won’t be able to download them from watch / mobile play store. It’s been 8 days from the WFS 1.4.19 release and the issue is still not fixed by Google.

We should put more pressure on Google because it looks like a trivial error that can be quickly fixed because all devices are supported in the Play console.

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Yep, I know. And that’s awful. Yes I optimized each and every png I’m using, and even if I didn’t, my aab is 4.5MB, less than the 10MB they declare. The only way to install a watchface built with the latest versions is to update an older version of the same watchface. I started updating my watchfaces using the latest version cause it was “stable” and stable means it doesn’t have major issues. I understand it’s not strictly a WFS issue, but it should be clearly stated somewhere.

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Hi @rzrshrpstudio by the same issue i got rejected today two times. I have checked as you said, aab uses less then 5MB where as limit is 10 MB.

Hi @r.liechty_SDP can you please advise your valuable opinion and solution how to overcome this issue. Thanks.

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Hi, same problem with my, contacted play store explained that my app is 4.8mb answer is

Your watch face (version code 10000001 ) exceeds the memory budget.

The Split Bundle error is not the memory issue it is a Play Store screw up as far as I’m concerned.

First you must state API 30 some times it gives this for a complication API 28

If I remember correct it is when you have App Chooser and one tester knows it won’t work for a specific complication and fails it on purpose. The report is simply resubmit it and get a different tester and it passes but it is better to not have app chooser as a default complication.
If you have an action to open a custom app ID and it isn’t on the watch being tested it gives this error.
I think also if you have a complication showing in an image that is not available on all watches they give that error.

Anyway that Split_Bundle is usually the app chooser as a complication.

Samsung Developer Relations

There are many reports that Watch Faces close to 4.8 are exceeding memory usage. This is new and I think has to do with the new May requirements. (but they say 10 Mb max)

Try using a .png optimizer it can make your images up to 70% smaller.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Hi, there in my app bigest size image is 2kb, installed 1.4.20 last night, made empty watch face with one image size 1kb and aab file get to 3.8mb, does it need to be that big?

Apparently it does, I did one with a text box and no images and it was that size. I’ll ask but when I check the older 1.3.x builds they were all over 3k too.

Samsung Developer Relations

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First, thanks for your answer.
This point is unclear and my rejected watchface contains a single, empty complication. That’s weird. I want to be sure that this requires an action on my side, or is a bug to fix on Google side.
And what about the inability to install the app on the watch? I have 3 watchfaces ready, but i can’t publish them because of those issues.

I made an appeal, and all I got, as always, is a bunch of prewritten answers. I simply asked why my app exceeds the memory budget if the limit is 10MB and the app is 4.5MB. At this point, since I have no app launcher and a single empty complication, all I can do is resubmit the app, but even if it gets accepted, users won’t be able to install it from the watch. And knowing how Google manages this kind of issues, it isn’t guaranteed that it will be fixed in a short period of time. That’s frustrating.

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I have no idea why the posts are being deleted, but I agree with the “pre-deletion” post.

Another update: I was able to install a watchface built using V1.4.19 from my watch (ticwatch pro 5).
So, maybe, one of the two issues is being fixed?
Could you confirm?

You installed your WearOS 4 compatible watchface from the playstore, or was the same watchface transferred from WFS directly to your watch?!

Because the latter works. It’s the former that doesn’t work, due to Google’s bug.

I installed it from Play Store, in the watch.

Can confirm, this issue was fixed. I had two tickets opened and discussed this with their support on Friday. It was resolved the next day. Maybe it helped somehow :smiley:

In the meantime, i submitted another update reducing the size and removing some tap actions to launch calendar and alarm. Still rejected.

Can you post some screenshot from WFS - project opened and also watch face screenshot?

I have just submitted my first watch face built on WFS 1.4.20. It was rejected because “Watch face exceeds memory usage”. I have checked the memory budget guideline (link below) and noted it should not exceed 10 MB. However, my release contains .aab package and assets that are below 10 MB.

  1. Package (.aab) 4.25MB
  2. Feature Banner 0.216MB
  3. Icon 0.391MB
  4. Phone assets 1.87MB
  5. Tablet assets 2.47MB
  6. Watch Assets 0.653MB
  7. Chromebook Assets NA