Printing brackets in text field

I want to print brackets “()” in text field, like “Feb 24(Sat)”
Is there escape letter in text field?

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Hi, if you want to print

Feb 24(Sat)
it will work as is. ( meaning it will print Feb 24 (Sat) no issues)

but if you want to print just a number (24) then there is no way you can as the brackets will cause it to be a expression and only 24 will appear. unless you have text inside the brackets.

for example (24 hours)

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@canasta102 . I think all you can do , if you want to use a TAG , is put them on another layer . I tried “(” it does not work on WFS .

Dont need to , see my example @russellcresser if the word is wed

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Oh I thought @canasta102 meant Date Tags but did not say it .

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Hi date tags can be change to any format…as long resolved to day mon, tues etc the () can be used.unless you using the date (1 - 31) then u got a problem

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Yes, you are right.
I want to use “(” with tags: [MON]/[DAY_1_31] ([DAY_WEEK_S])

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hi sorry i was wrong. after testing with tags it wont work.
only way is as @russellcresser explained

easier method is three layers.




align the layers according and use grouping for to adjust as a group

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