Pro:Idiom Playback

I’m trying to get PRO:IDIOM VOD playback working on a USDM TV an HG43NT690U.

The documentation is a little light on in how it functions.

I have the TV in hotel settings DRM set to LYNK DRM,PI to support both lynk and ProIdiom playback. I have the Lynk Video on demand playback working fine, but I am trying to play back a sample pro:idiom encrypted file from here: and I cannot get it to work at all.

The code example from the Samsung B2B site shows:


  • “”

(Public level) should be added in config.xml

  • webapis.avplay.setDrm(“PROIDIOM”, “Initialize”, JSON.stringify(drmParam));

  • If “forensicData” url is needed to play contents, you could add those value to drmParam as object

Example code:

ForensicData : true


//drmParam.forensicData = "Forensic Data";

webapis.avplay.setDrm("PLAYREADY", "SetProperties", JSON.stringify(drmParam));

Which is a little odd as it is talking about ProIdiom and then in the example line it shows PLAYREADY.

We have tried that directly which of course did not work and threw an error. Currently, the code we are trying is:

function setDRMPROIDIOM() {

var drmParam ={};

if(config.customData !== '' && config.customData !== undefined ) {
drmParam.ForensicData = config.forensicData;

if(config.type !== '' && config.type !== undefined ) {
drmParam.type = config.type;

logger.log('** SETUP PROIDIOM AVPLAY **');

webapis.avplay.setDrm("PROIDIOM", "Initialize", JSON.stringify(drmParam));
//webapis.avplay.setDrm("PLAYREADY", "SetProperties", JSON.stringify(drmParam));

Those few lines of logging just to see what is happening… The custom data stuff is pulled from samsungs file from which is also a little strange as it has a PI vod file up the top in a constant, but no where in there does it actually call any code to play it.

My understanding is that the ProIdiom content is all handled directly by the TV and does not need any third party key server. As part of this project we are only doing LIVE ProIdiom content playback from a Com3000 box I am just trying the ProIdiom VOD playback as a means to test the playback prior to the Com3000 box going live.

Any help would be appreciated as I’ve run out of doccumentation on getting PI playback to work either from the Com3000 (They say it just works, but not how) or from that sample VOD file.