DRM with AVPLay

I try config and play my content DRM (Widevide) with AVPlay API from https://developer.samsung.com/smarttv/develop/guides/multimedia/media-playback/using-avplay.html
I also try sample in https://github.com/SamsungDForum/PlayerAVPlayDRM. But it’s dont working. I always get error from ondrmevent event callback. Do you have an example config DRM with AVPlay API. Thanks a lot

Hi, we are getting same issues. Always getting 500 from the Widevine license server when making a POST request. I have compared payload generated by the AVPlay and Shaka player, and they are almost the same, but Shaka works with the same content and license server. DRM examples in Samsung Github are outdated and not for Widevine modular. Please let me know if you been able to figure out.

I have also opened an Issue in Samsung Github repo for this DRM example explaining what exactly doesn’t work and code samples: