Programmatically Enabling Wireless Power Share on Galaxy S (10 and up)

Among other brands, many newer Samsung phones are capable of transmitting power wirelessly, by means of Wireless Power Transfer (WPT), which is branded “PowerShare” for the aforementioned brand. This functionality can be toggled, after swiping down for “Quick Settings” icons, and just like you turn WiFi or FlashLight on/off, you can turn WTP/PowerShare on/off with the corresponding icon. Once it is on, the phone activates a resonant coil that will charge other devices in its proximity.

Which method of the Android API (or what other library, method, approach, etc.) do I need to apply to toggle this wireless power programmatically, from my app?

Apology, I did not understand your query clearly.
If you are trying to implement PowerShare feature from your own application, unfortunately, as far as I know, these APIs are not open for 3rd party developers in Samsung. PowerShare feature is only available for Samaung internals.

I think you got it just right. I’d need to implement a functionality in my app. That functionality should be able to turn on the wireless PowerShare, without requiring the user to go back to the phone’s main screen, pull down the tiles, and toggle. Even if that API is not public, would that be possible to receive that, exceptionally?