Progress bar with one end curved

What is the best software we can be able to create a curved one-end progress bar? And we can be able to transfer it and make it work in Watch Face
curved red progress
what kind of format will make it work?
Thank you

Hi, my go to app is photoshop, or paint. What u need to do is overlap images to do the rounded corners
With shapes like esciple

but does it animate like progress bar? and what kind of format?
images doesn’t work. we need to animate the picture I provided like progress bar.
Thank you.

It could be made of two progress bars placed next to each other, one linear and one half circle. one would work between lets say 0 and 50% the other from 50 to 100%

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That to animate like progress bar you need to play with it size length etc (tags).

First be able to draw full length progress bar with photoshop or paint.

@Peter idea is a good one too its easier, but you need to adjust the range of the two bars so it progress correctly base on percentage

Check this attached example (remove the .zip from the file name).
Compound (165.1 KB)

Thank you Knightwing so much for the help.

You are amazing Peter. Thank you for the file and help. that was a good good one.
Thanks again body. I have a good believe in you and your talent. it’s amazing.
Thanks so much.

You can ask us anything. But i help differently from peter,:slight_smile: i dont spoon feed everything haha