WFS Rotation Progressbar

Hello. I have a question. When inserting a progress bar as a circle, a direction is specified. Arrow green.
Is it possible to reverse the direction? Arrow red. I did not find it.

Yes this is possible.

In the Range Setting section go to Value and set it to 0 (if it wasnt already) then click on TAGS and add the tag you want, I use [SEC] in my example. Insert a - (minus) before the tag so it extracts the seconds instead of adding it.
Screenshot 2021-08-13 152539

Save that, and go to Min value, change it to -100 and change Max value to 0. (In my example I used -60 for the Min value because there are only 60 seconds)
Screenshot 2021-08-13 152720

End result:

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Perfect. Thanks. I’ve already tried a lot and nothing worked

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Has anyone got this working on an actual device?

Setting the Min Value to a negative range works great in the editor preview, but when running on an actual device the progress bar always runs clockwise no matter what I try - not sure if this is a bug?

I guess it is a bug (no idea on which side, but I suspect wearOS) and as workaround you would have to use normal progress ring and let it rotate along CCW as it expands.

What is meant by normal progress ring?

@r.liechty_SDP any idea about how to get it working on an actual device?

I think they mean one created by WFS not one created by the designer.

What I did was start out at 100 and go to zero so it was always a positive number.
For example if you want battery percent to go from max to min start out at 100 -Battery percent

Try that on your watch.

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What about this way. Keep the bar grow the way it wants, just rotate it back same angle, so it seems growing the other way. Can somebody check it on real watch please?
Shake, don’t stir (dont extract, rename to .wfs) Progress – kó (628.2 KB)

I’ve tried literally everything.
Thats why there are these two feature request from me :slightly_smiling_face:
Edit: its showing good on watch face but only main color can be used.


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I tested it and it works

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I can confirm, this works great. I already did the same with a WF a while ago.


Progress bar is a Android Class (it is the same thing used when you show an installation on Android mobiles and other things that have any progress report. As far as I know, there is nothing the Watch Face Studio can do. I don’t know why you can’t get it to work in counter clockwise it is probably a bug if it works with negative numbers.

This is may be something that you will need to create on your own like you did in GWD.

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Hi Ron,
Inverse progress bar can be implemented to the WFS - as you wrote - It’s an Android Class

My feature request explanation is basically the same.

I heard from the WFS team and they said it wasn’t an issue to implement Reverse progress bar. It is how to make it easier and more efficient to control the properties and it is on the roadmap.

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Great news! Thank you so much to hear this.

I’ve tried reversed progress bar, and I checked it was OK in the preview of WFS, but it didn’t work properly on my watch.

I hope we can upgrade WFS soon.

Hi Ron,
I think you’re confusing reverse (fill) and inverse. Reverse is just that progress bar fills in opposite (reverse) direction. (which currently can be done in WFS but problematically - @Peter did it.

Inverse switches foreground / background. That’s that android class. Let’s say you want to use some gradient color progress bar with that rounded cap (needs layers with cut-outs)
Currently it’s not possible because just setting foreground color
to 0% opacity & background color to 100% opacity doesn’t work (background will stay at 0%).

Feature request is to implement

Read once again from that link above:
The “inverse” styles provide an inverse color scheme for the spinner, which may be necessary if your application uses a light colored theme (a white background).

Don’t confuse inverse color scheme with reverse rotation. Or just try to create gradient progress bars like these & you will find that it’s not possible without adding like 40 layers of progress. That’s why there is inverse class & that can be really helpful to have in WFS.


These progress bars have 0% foreground opacity and 75% background opacity (color scheme is inverted - background behaves as foreground)

If you can show this to the WFS team they will understand.


I had indeed confused it with CCW progress bar. Yeah the only way now would be to create a background ring and set the opacity of the progress bar to zero but that would probably mess with styles


Any news about CCW rotation of progress bar? -100 to 0 doesn’t work

Only good news is, the earlier discussed workaround with separately adding ccw rotation to cw growing progress bar is actually working.

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Yes, I did and works, thx. But this solution is not really user-friendly :frowning:

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