WFS Rotation Progressbar

Hello. I have a question. When inserting a progress bar as a circle, a direction is specified. Arrow green.
Is it possible to reverse the direction? Arrow red. I did not find it.

Yes this is possible.

In the Range Setting section go to Value and set it to 0 (if it wasnt already) then click on TAGS and add the tag you want, I use [SEC] in my example. Insert a - (minus) before the tag so it extracts the seconds instead of adding it.
Screenshot 2021-08-13 152539

Save that, and go to Min value, change it to -100 and change Max value to 0. (In my example I used -60 for the Min value because there are only 60 seconds)
Screenshot 2021-08-13 152720

End result:

Perfect. Thanks. I’ve already tried a lot and nothing worked

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