Question about Marketing

Hey guys, a bit of a question for some of the experts here. What social media platform, is the best in your experience to use to market yourself? Do you guys use things like Facebook ads? Instagram, or just you own webpage?

For me Twitter did not really work…

Anyway was interested on how you guys go about promoting your brand so to speak.

Tried Facebook ads, did not work .
Somehow facebook audience selection cannot narrow it down to Samsung, galaxy watch or gear watch or watch Active. So what happens is it will target Samsung Galaxy phones or some thing to do with Gear, got a lot of clicks but no sales. Tried to call them and emailed them but there was no answer. The truth is their algorithms/ search parameters are quote limited.

i myself i have just started using the facebook paid ads for about 2 weeks now. my sells have gone up a little but im still not liking the numbers for what it is costing me and what i am getting on the backend. but i dont know. it just be i made a bad ad and need to create something better. Im still trying to test it out and see what if I want to continue using it or not.

I believe there is a Feature Request - Vote topic to have bundled watch designs. By bundling them so a buyer pays for 2 watch designs and gets 3 or something such as that Facebook ads and Instagram links might be more practical.

Samsung Developer Program

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That would be great, I can see that helping a lot. I often have people request buying one getting another one free. So looking forward to that, thanks Ron.

Yes true. FB algorithms is little tricky, even though if you spend for the campaign, sometimes it gets end up with no sales. Try Linkedin Ads, It is little expensive, but most of brand using organic post to attract people.