Traffic and Advertising

What do you guys mainly use to drive traffic?

As we know the Google Play Store does absolutely 0 towards driving traffic or anything toward new releases or anything that makes sense.

So what do you guys mainly use, FB, Instagram? Anything I am missing?

The Play store is just really so far behind and 2 years on I see no real improvements made to really help us, I don’t know what you guys think.

I was told by people that FB and especially Instagram cost for a click would cost more than the sales unless you had near 100% downloads.

I wrote a blog about increasing downloads and while the title says Galaxy Store I did it with Watch Face sellers in mind.

I am currently writing one more about marketing for small businesses using newsletters to improve sales.

You need to bundle an Android App with your Watch Face app in order to create a brand page and get search results If you aren’t doing that try it, it may help.

Hope this helps,

Samsung Developer Relations

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Thank you Ron

Will definitely have a look.

Yes I have started to also bundle an Android app with them.

Thank you!

Hey @JacoNaudeDesign
Any pointers on this? Im not a developer but wish to put a simple image on the app to select the dropdown. I tried some from fellow developer but after 10-15 days of trial and error I could not get past.

Hi Ron,
any way WF studio generating the companion app with an image in works or planned?


No it will never do that. However I heard (may be wishful thinking) that the Play Store watch was going to make some changes. One can hope. Until then the bundled Android app is the only way to create a brand page

Samsung Developer Relations

Ok… thanks for the reply Ron.