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Hey how is everyone? So I have a paid ad currently running on Facebook where consumers can click the link and be taken to my seller page. What I am wanting to do is tie the two together I guess so that I can know how many of those who do click my link are actually making a purchase and then breaking that down to age groups, gender, etc. I have looked and seen some possible solutions but nothing for sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx again.

Not currently possible sadly.

I think you definitely want to use Google Analytics to track the flow of visitors that arrive to your site, and what they do while there.

You’ll have to place a tracking code on each page, or use a plugin to do the same. Once it’s working you’ll be able to see traffic sources (Acquisition > All Traffic > Source/Medium). Once they are on your site and being tracked, you can then segment them into age groups, gender, etc.

Hope this helps!
If you’d like to see an example of how I use it, check out my site

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Is there to schedule an auto reply for those who buy as like a reminder for rate and comment?

If they come to your site, complete a contact form, purchase, you should have their email correct?

not if they are buying from samsung app store. or at least I have not figured it out. lol I am in the process of getting and setting me up an actual website for my brand and everything and trying to figure out how to change my watch face designs to be able to have them sold in the play store as well.

Galaxy Watch apps (including Watch Faces) are Tizen OS and you can not download them from the Google Play Store (which is for Android)

There are 3rd party watch designer programs that allow watch designs to run on multiple devices.

There are improvements coming in both Galaxy Store Badges and Galaxy Store Statistics that may help you achieve what you want. You can target various campaigns with Galaxy Store Badges now.

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The option Chris gave you is not applicable to Galaxy Themes or Galaxy Watch Faces. There is currently no implementation allowing the level of tracking you are looking for from within the Galaxy Store or Galaxy Themes app.

Yes that is what I was afraid of. And there is no other app store to sell my designs where I could have those features?


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