Can we sell the same theme in galaxy themes store, which was made by us for portfolio submissions?

We have to design a theme portfolio so. Are we allowed to sell the same theme on galaxy store when we becomes the seller on galaxy theme store?

Of course!
If the pictures do not have any hints of brands and are in line with Samsung policy, you should read the rules.

Here we are 3 friends. We are graphic designers and we works together. Now, we are working together on three theme designs for a portfolio submissions, but we will submit each theme from different accounts. We have three accounts, one for each. If one of our theme is accepted, we will continue our work together to design themes and wallpapers, so can we sell the modified themes which were submitted from the other two accounts?

Yes, I think that it is OK to do, and is a good idea, gives you 3 chances to be accepted. I have not seen any rules against doing that. Once one or more of you is accepted, you can sell whatever you like, created by all 3 of you :slight_smile:

As a theme Seller, I am allowed to hire graphic designers if I want to create themes for me, and load to my account.

We all will bring a revolution to galaxy theme store.
We are galaxy users since 2011. We have much knowledge about galaxy devices. We think as a user, when we are designing a theme. We have many ideas about theme designs which can be preferred by other galaxy users. We believe in our work!

That’s awesome, just remember that there is only so much you can change with the tool provided by Samsung. I would recommend you download trial themes from the store and see what can be changed… I see some people post their theme application designs on here, and they change way more than can actually be done with the tool… shows me that they aren’t really paying attention :slight_smile: Good luck I hope you are successful.

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We will be members of your Samsung family, soon.

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It’s great that you are so optimistic, but …
If you draw one topic for each of you, the chances of a positive decision in your favor are incredibly small.
You should draw 5-6 themes for each !!!
Portfolio selection is carried out very carefully, believe me.

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Oh Yes, You can!
Link to Theme developer (, Start here if you are a newbie!

What if, we design 2 strong themes?
Can we be selected?

Dearest @sar1602129057
I am very sure you team will be select, but all so ensure you give a very impressive opening letter that way you have better chances of being picked by the review committee. Don’t forget to include the unique features of your themes.

Do feel free to contact me if you have any other issue or question!
Best Wishes,


Read the portfolio guidelines, there are 6 themes (in your case, 18).
I would advise you to make one portfolio, but unique.
Good Luck!

Brother, I have read the guideline carefully. There is written that “we have to design 6 screens” not six themes!. That means 6 screens per theme.

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Well @sar1602129057 if you are confused about the guidelines I advice you contact Samsung themes.

Link to contact Samsung support

P/S: Scroll down to the contact section and select the method you want to chat with them, you can message them via SMS, via their social media handles or via the support platform!

Do feel free to contact me if you have any other issue or question!
Best Wishes,

You run the risk of getting a standard negative answer, but having multiple themes will give you a better chance of a positive answer.Here are two cases:
If you search the forum, you will find tons of questions about portfolio rejection.

In any case, it’s up to you how to proceed …