Question of fomula for battery/steps hands

Hello there,

I have a question related to set the analog hands which is about battery/steps.
below is the images I’m trying for now.
I’ve imported hands image first, and setting the analog hands with each features.
but, the hands is not working what I expected.
How can I set the angle for 0~100% for battery/steps.
Thank you in advance~!!

스크린샷 2023-11-25 오후 12.44.24

If you are using the rotation tag.

A rought formula would be…

Set rotation to 0 first…



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Thank you so much~!!!
it’s working now!!!
can i set same fomula to step percentage?
which means it could be used any other feature??

Hi, yes if u are using the same circle image…
For steps use

(3.6 * [SC_PER])

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