Battery, Steps and ... hands have problem on watch

battery and steps hands in galaxy watch dsigner run window its ok,
but in watch not Adjust in place and not working.

I need more information about this. Are you using a GWD complication or modifying it or is this your own complication.

Are the hands out of place or not showing some screen shots may help.

Is this an updated project or a new project?

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this new project on GWD.
only steps and battery hands is out of place.


If they are grouped un-group them and see if that makes a difference both on the run window and on the device. I seem to recall that had an effect on one or the other.

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What rotation settings are you using for the hands, also don’t use steps goal , use step % .
Step goals vary. Step % are constants.

Sorry, but i don’t think it was ok even in the GWD. To me it seems like placement and pivot point settings do not match the graphical representation pivot on the hand image. Btw, avoid using odd number sizes for hands and dials images, it alone can make for some small alignment shift around the rotation. To be symetrical, as circle is, the hand and gauge image sizes should be able of division by two. In both directions.