Setting a battery percentage to a custom hand

I’m trying to set the battery percentage to a custom hand.

A small hand that ideally will rotate 0 to 60 degrees and maps to 0 to 100 of the battery.

I created a custom watch hand and set the sync-with to “Battery %”. I set the starting pivot angle and start points.

But the hand seems to rotate 360 degrees - I just want 60 degrees of movement.

I sort of stumbled upon a solution by setting the End Value to 500 - so it rotates 60 degrees now. Does that make sense?

Also trying to figure out how the Rotate Angle, Inner Pivot x/y are used -

Whats the difference between Rotate Angle and Rotate Properties Pivot Angle.

Hello, note the number how many times has the hand to rotate.
Each time it means one full circle, 360°. I guess you would like to set it to 0 + 60°.

Thanks that works too.