[Question] Samsung QN95A Network/Multicast with Youtube App


i recently contacted samsung support who directed me to this forum as you as developers might know the answer to this question or could at least say “nope this is not going to work this way”.

Question is: When starting the youtube app on my smart tv i would think the app itself acts like a google chromecast and should be available for connecting via smartphone via youtube app when pressing the cast button or when on PC in Google Chrome “Cast”.

When im in the same network as the TV i can find the cast device but in my setup I have put the TV in a separate WLAN called IoT. I try to cast from my phone to the tv via youtube app. But this doesnt work i get a “device not found” after a while when trying to cast. Same from my PC.

I have my firewall rules configured that my private WLAN and LAN can see the devices in my IoT WLAN. I can ping them and do anything with them. Further analysis via tcpdump in WLAN IoT showed me that the TV only tries to Broadcast to his own network broadcast IP. Even checked with “avahi-brwose -a --resolve -t” with a debian linux client in IoT Network if the TV would use multicast to announce his service. But i only see “_amzn-alaexa._tcp” and “AirPlay Remote Video” with the Name of the TV iteself. I would guess if i would have an IOs device i may be able to see it?

To confirm if my multicast setup would work: I can connect to my denon receiver via AVR Remote app without issues. Denon Device registeres itself via multicast and i can control the device from a different VLAN.

When trying to cast from my phone to my tv i see _googlecast._tcp requests going out but since there is no one listening to that multicast group as it seems this will probably only work with a real google chromecast?

From what i see:

  • Samsung Smart TV App Youtube doesnt send out multicast
  • Is only discoverable if casting devices in same network.

Can anyone confirm or maybe has an explanation for that why YouTube App seems to not work as a google chrome?