Questions about watch face in playstore

I have some questions about selling watch face in google store to sellers.

I’ve released one watch face few weeks ago.
and, its status is production in google play console which is seller’s managing tool.
But, the problem is I can’t find uploaded watch face in google playsotre with mobile.

Here is my setting value when I uploaded the watch face.
Please check the process if there’s a problem.

  1. Category setting
    : App > Personalization (Category) > Watch face (managing tag)

  2. Settings
    : Advanced setting > type of release (Activated wear OS, it’s confirmed.)

I think I can find my watch face in watch face category in playstore below.
(eventhough it’s korean, you can guess it’s watch face category with icon shape. sorry for this…)

And when I tap the watch face category,
I can see various types of watch faces such as classic, digital…
there’s no my released watch face at all.
Also, no search result found with the name of released watch face.

My question is,

  1. Did I upload it at wrong path?
  2. I can find only a few watch faces in each watch face category in playstore,
    isn’t it strange? I think there should be bunch of products in there since there’re so many
    watch faces built for wear OS.
  3. Is there a way to selsect specific category such as classic/gallery/health/art watch face?
    (In Samsung store, we could select this categories…but, there seems no category in google console.)

Whoo…it’s too difficult to sell products in playstore
since I’m new and not familliar with this selling interface.

Thank you in advance.


You can find your watch faces by entering your developer name in Google Play search. If so, then everything is correct.
As I said, you have to use Google Play search. In my opinion, search terms are derived from the heading.
So e.g. “Watchface Wear OS Galaxy Watch 4” etc.
However, there is still a big difference whether you search using the Play app or the PC.

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