Why can't I find my watch faces in the Play Store unless I type its name?

I have 10 watch faces live in the Play Store. No downloads so far. I just want to find any one of them when I search for the words “watch face” or when I go the categories “watch faces” in the Play Store.
I can only find my watch faces if I search for its name or if I search my own name. The name and the description of my watch faces contain the words “watch face”. Nobody is going to be inspired and just think of the names of my watch faces and install.
I can open the watch category in Galaxy Store and find my own watch faces just by scrolling down. This doesn’t happen with Google Play Store.
I can not find any of my watch faces on the PC, on the watch or on the Smartphone which is connected to my Galaxy Watch 4. All my watch faces in the Console say Galaxy Watch 4 watches are supported.

Is there something I am missing when I am registering my watch faces?
Thank You…

Many watch faces that were uploaded after sometime in March
Osman says his are available and has instructions on how he did it but most sellers are not so lucky.

Samsung Developer Relations


This is the bug on the Play Store that appeared in the last weeks / months. New watch faces are not “classified” as “Watch faces”. This issue does not allow us to be visible on the Play Store. And WFS becomes almost useless for developing and proposing Watch Faces on Wear OS devices. Too bad Samsung has done a great job and Google hasn’t considered it. We have been reporting these issues for a long time with no solution now.


Well i was Wrong and early to comment Ron

All my watchfaces show available for all devices
but play console bug of missing install button

is now on all my watchfaces as well published after 14 Apr. Also it shows on watch playstore not bought.

Only way to install watchface is via web browser on phone as well as pc.

tons of watchfaces published after 14th Apr including mine have this play console bug. And can only be installed via web version of playstore only.And not via playstore app on watch or phone

This is my last watchface published yesterday after a long battle with wear os review team for unfound bugs

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Yes the search system in Google Play Store works in very strange ways and is messy .I use Generic Names for watchfaces so when you type the word

Analog Classic
Digital Basic
Analog Basic

most of them are available in search, this is not exciting to use generic names but that keeps it simple and easily searchable as well. I Cant find them in any other way as well.

See my screenshots.

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