Recommended watch background image quality

May I ask for opinion, to create a good quality background image for GWS, what is the best Artboard size for Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop and at what “dpi” size should the PNG file is saved, to be transfered to GWS?

Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

ive been using 360 x 360 at 300 ppi

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Thank you Mik for the feedback. Most appreciated

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I don’t think the DPI is important. That’s really only relevant for using an image where inches are used (such as importing images into a CAD drawing). The watch face is 360 x 360, so ideally that’s the image size you want to import.

If you’ve got a larger image you want to use, you can resize it using an external image editor (such as Photoshop) before importing it. However, you can also resize the image using GWS, so it’s not necessary to resize it externally, but if you resize it before importing it, you can be certain what it’s going to look like.

You can also import images other than PNG. If you import a JPG, for example, GWS will save a copy of the image as a PNG and use that in your design (it’s interesting to note that GWS saves the PNG image without a DPI value assigned).

As an example, I used a 1080x2220 JPG in my last design, and I resized it to 360x740 in GWS, and rotated it by 10 degrees to get it just how I wanted it.

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Thank you for the feedback Awgie, much appreciated.

May I aslo ask, what is the maximum resolution the GWS can handle without effecting the watch performance? I last tried importing a background of 720 x 720 @ 1000 dpi and the watch just froze :yum:

I think I fed it too much …

Although there is no explanation regarding the DPI for an image but 1000 dpi is too much ( :smiley: yes you fed it too much) to handle for such a watch device with 360 X 360 px display.


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:joy: :joy: :joy: That was a crazy attempt

There had to be something else wrong with your design if it caused your watch to freeze. Just as a guess, I’d suspect you have too many complex elements in the design. Regardless of what you do with the background image in GWS, it only sends a 360x360 image to the watch itself.

Just as a test, I just imported a 1120x1642 @ 1000dpi image, and even added a couple elements to my previous design, and it still runs just fine.


Noted with thanks, I will check out what it could be.

May I ask, I take it you are a WF designer/publisher for Galaxy Store. What size of a background (pixels/dpi) do you import into GWS?

You feedback will be very much appreciated.