Size and resolution to increase photo quality

Hi to all , In your opinion, to get an excellent output in Photoshop, how much should you first determine the size of the image? . And how much resolution should be set?
To what extent does this software support resolution? ( GWD ) . How much resolution is allowed? for (GWD)

Someone who knew Photoshop said you should enlarge the original size and increase the resolution of the photo and change the size to 360 from the output you got

To increase the image quality and reduce the problem in pixels

But I do not know what size and resolution to choose for the design

Finally, i wana convert the output photo to 360 size

thank you dears , please answer me

can you answer me please :tulip: ( @Peter , @YA_Soft , @r.liechty_SDP )

Hello, sorry I can not advice much here. I guess it is good to make whole design at higher resolution, if not for the watch or GWS it self, then for the promotion images and then export smaller versions sized for the watch. The built in screen shots are taken in 512x512px and to me they look blurry due the up scale from 360x360.
I tried to insert images like double the resolution and then resize them in GWD, but could not see much difference in results on the watch screen. The watch and the program can handle even larger images. Yet I think inserting static images should be good in 1:1 resolution and save some MB of memory.
In old forum there was a discussion about it. For the rotating images like hands worked good if the inserted image was 1.3 times larger than the final size set in GWD for better anti-aliasing on angled contours.

hello @Sasan
I agree with @Peter , read this thread that talks about this::point_down:t2:

I am using 360x360 px 96DPI and all my graphics are looking great

I am using 360X360 with 72 ppi.

I think that Galaxy watch screen has ~ 278 ppi and the galaxy watch 3 has ~364 ppi density

I guess the dpi or ppi of images is for watch irrelevant, it defines how big would be the image when printed or displayed, main thing is to have at least one pixel of image for each pixel of the display.

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Peter is correct. DPI or PPI are completely meaningless in a digital image file. All of these watches are 360x360, albeit round. I create all my images at 720x720 just in case they bump the resolution up to something higher in a future watch, or in case I want to recreate them for another watch altogether that has a higher res.

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