Reinstall WIndows

Hello, i want to reinstall windows. In order to continue developing, displaying in the samsung store and opening my past projects in Gear watch studio, I only need the author, distributor files and projects with the extension of tpk and gwd ?

Hi @mon1606732207 ,
Make sure to keep your author certificate and remember the password for it. You can create a new distributor certificate anytime so it does not necessary to keep the distributor certificate. Regarding the project files, you need to store gwd files and later you will be able to build them to reproduce the tpk files.


Yes the .gwd files contains all the resources in the project. If you have any custom resources it probably is a good idea to keep those as well in case you want them again.

For most Windows back ups just back up the C:/users/USERNAME/ folder that is where all your personal files is stored. that will back up the hidden .tizen folder and keystore folder.

After reinstalling Windows you will need to accept the RSA encryption key to connect to your device again.

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What is it RSA encription key, where can I find it?

In the older watches it used to have a pop up the first time you connected asking to allow access to your device. in 2019 there were new privacy laws and Watches running Tizen 4 and newer it is more detailed.
The RSA Encryption key is the “decode key” that allows the data transfer. (This prevents the Spy show hack of walking up to a phone and cloning)

The thing with it is, it is only shown for a short time and if you don’t accept it, it doesn’t show again. The software assumes it was an attempted hack. A lot of people miss this when they first side-load on the watch so I was warning it would need to be done again.

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Is it important to have an rsa key, or will I be able to do without it, having only all of the above?
Sorry to bother youю

I’m sorry for confusing you.

An RSA Encryption Key is what GWS sends to your watch the first time it loads on it.

You don’t need to back anything up for the RSA key.

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Thanks a lot for your patience!