Rejection when the wallpaper and the background are both completely black


Does anyone know how to stop the testers from rejecting themes on this motive?

I’ve already talked to Customer Service a few times, they said it’s not an issue, but now even Customer Service doesn’t answer anymore.

I leave messages to the testers, but they simply ignore them.

The themes eventually get approved, but after 1-3 rejections, which usually means from 2 weeks up to 2 months, so it’s quite some money wasted.

I really need to find a solution to this problem that isn’t even an actual problem.

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The solution is completely out of our hands, all we can do is be vocal enough that the people who can actually fix these time wasting “rejections” will hear them.

We used to do that through the premium 1:1 support but they got rid of that for some reason

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I don’t understand the screenshot, why the wp is black in the dark mode and transparent in the light mode?

In the screen shots above, the background is always white on the default theme.

So on this screen, the background is Common > Background > Action Bar Background and you have that set to black.

And you have your Phone > Incoming Call > Call Background just plain black.

This should be OK but since you are getting rejections the only thing you can do is maybe change the incoming call screen to dark grey, or some design. Since opening tickets hasn’t worked they haven’t given you much choice if you don’t want to suffer invalid rejections.

We have opened a report on this in the Galaxy Store Operations team it appears to be a bad link.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Glad to know, I hope your reports get quicker replies than we usually do

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