Reminder app with long vibration

Hello all, I am looking for a simple reminder which at set time vibrates for a whole minute (or 2) without sound. All standard alarms only vibrate for a few seconds and I do not notice that while I am concentrated on other things or move my arm (starting to sound a bit weird here…), like when walking.

The reminder needs time, date and text for what you need to be reminded of; that’s all. No fancy stuff. Well, perhaps snooze.

Does this already exist? Is it easy to make this yourself? I am not an IT person or a programmer, but if it is doable, I can learn.

Thanks for any advice!
Regards, WatchGal

Hello WatchGal,
You may get a better response of this query from user point of view in the Samsung Community forum.

Please check out the link below to visit Samsung Community forum:

Hi UmmeyHB, thank you for the advise! I will do that.

Regards, WatchGal