Push notifications on Watch Active 2

I noticed that my Active 2 receive the push notification i send only if i am wearing it, is this the intended behavior? If the watch is sitting on the table the screen will light up when it receives my notification, but there is no vibration, no message displayed, no other signal.

My understanding is that is how it should work but this isn’t the right forum for that. I suggest you ask this on the Samsung Members Wearable community for better feedback.

Since this isn’t a developer question I will remove it in a few days.

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Thank you for your feedback.
While the issue is not strictly tied to development, in a sense it is: we are developing an app that requires push notifications, and it’s important for us that we fully understand what reaction will the device have when receiving one of our push notifications, and if this behavior is linked to the syntax of the push notification request.
I will ask on the resource you pointed me, but my question was more specifically addressing the developer side of the issue than the user’s.

Thank you for the clarification, I will certainly let this question stand now I understand where you are coming from.

Samsung Developer Program