Haptic Feedback in Studio

Apologies if this appears twice - I submitted it earlier and don’t see it.

I’m trying to put up a second hand that vibrates the watch briefly at 15-second intervals. I don’t see any options in Studio for accessing the haptic feedback/vibrate functions.

Is this a feature that isn’t yet implemented in Studio, or am I missing it somewhere?


Hi @dtsemt,

Unfortunately, there is no such option in Galaxy Watch Studio to access vibration.


Ah well, is they ever update it maybe it’ll be a feature…


I guess new tool will come out for public, or at least for the chosen in the fall. But I would not expect this being implemented. They did not update GWS for more than a year and many additional features that we suggested earlier were simply declined with the excuse, that GWS was meant to be designer, not developer tool.

You can create a feature request
Feature Request - Vote > Galaxy Watch Studio

But like Peter said GWS is not designed for that and you will probably need to code it in Tizen Studio.

Samsung Developer Relations