Remote test lab down?

Getting this error when trying to start since yesterday.
“Application can not be started.”


This is not infrequent with the remote test lab. There are several factors. A new one is if the connection is not fast enough it will reject the connection so be sure to select a close connection. For instance don’t try to connect to the US from Europe but use the Polish lab.
Another reason is that the last tester froze the mobile and it needs to be reset manually so on weekends this can cause several devices to be off line. It also could be a firewall issue.

If you are still having an issue. there is a contact us at the bottom of the RTL home page. Use that and report all information where you are located, what device you are trying to connect too and times. Screen shots of any error messages. I’ve found the RTL team to be very helpful and responsive.

Samsung Developer Program

It worked again on Monday, thanks.