Remote Test Lab not connecting

Hello. I tried to use the remote test lab and it’s not connecting. When i open it, its always stuck at this screen.


It doesn’t go beyond this screen. Any help to fix it. I have installed the jre 8. I am using firefox.

I’m seeing it too but it may be my McFee blocking it. I’ll look into this but you might want to contact the RTL team as well From the RTL home page Provide Feedback

Do you have all these requirements The older FireFox does not work.

Modern web browser: Firefox v2+, Internet Explorer v7+, Opera v9.6+, Chrome 7+ or Safari v3+
JavaScript must be enabled in your browser
Java Runtime Environment 7 or 8 with Java Web Start (Be sure to use the public version if you have not purchased an Oracle Java SE subscription)
Network port 2600 must be available

I’m having the same issue from time to time. But it helps to wait and then try again later.
Seems like intermittent error and could be related to peak hours when Samsung servers have too much load.