Samsung Remote Test Lab: USA and UK servers malfunctioning. Support not helping


If there’s anyone from Samung reading this, please do something about this, please provide a permanent fix to this issue, it really is frustrating. See attached screenshots

This is perhaps the worse moment to be alive and using the Samsung Remote Test Lab from the USA or the UK. These servers seemed to have been willingly forced into malfunctioning. Anyone using these servers must have noticed that for the past months, at specific moments during the day, devices disappear completely or ALL devices get reserved, very oddly, for prolonged periods. And when they get activated again, they are only available for a few hours.

What makes this scenario more odd is that ONLY these two are affected, the USA and UK servers. It’s so weird to realize that the Indian and Russian servers are doing perfectly well whereas the USA and UK servers have not been working properly for the past months. Using the Korean server, which appears to be the most performant, isn’t easy. Speed, latency, input lag are a real pain to deal with.

We are aware of this and I am in touch with the RTL team in the US and Globally. This situation is not something Samsung finds acceptable I understand and join in your frustration.

Samsung Developer Relations

Glad to realize someone from “the house” has been informed of this. Please check the RTL like rn. It’s like everything gets shut down during weekends, but why? Literally ALL servers have lost more than half of their available device models, let’s not even talk about the USA or the UK, theirs has been a sad case for months now. Is the Samsung RTL being manually controlled? Why does it “go off” on weekends?

Please bring back the java version of the Samsung RTL, we’ve realized that all of these headaches began after the switch to the browser based version. We remember, very vividly, using the Samsung RTL during weekends, same time last year, and with the USA server for that matter. That’s impossible these days, completely impossible to use the USA server normally during weekdays, talk less of weekends. If possible, please switch back to the Java version, it was more cumbersome, but served our needs better and was much more dependable than this web version.


The issue at least for the US turns out to be a USB issue and ADB disconnects, The team is looking for a permanent solution.

Samsung Developer Relations

@r.liechty_SDP Thanks a lot for giving a listening ear to this situation, it is highly and very much appreciated. Unlike the case with the support team ( Ummey Habiba Bristy, Md. Iqbal Hossain) with whom we opened several tickets, we are actually getting updates on our situation. We opened tickets, the most recent dating back to the 12th of August 2022, got a reply stating of the “we are in contact with the relevant team, bear with us…” type . Only adding to our frustration. This has been the same scenario since March of this year when we started raising this issue.

Our hopes are high and it is our wish that this nightmarish condition which has persisted for well over the past 5 months may come to an end. We hope the the RTL team does actually find a permanent fix to this issue. The USA and UK servers are the most hit as they always seem to be down throughout the week. All remaining servers seem to be affected by this issue as well, even though their “malfunctioning” is noticeable mostly during weekends.