Remote Test Lab for Smart TVs

Hello All,

I see lots of dialog about Remote Test Lab here, but seems like most of it is for Samsung mobile devices.
Does anybody know about the RTL for SmartTVs?

Last developer conference they spoke about it coming out:

It seems to still be in closed beta because when I look it has no TVs

Does anybody here have any information about that?

I think it is in Korea only for now.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thanks @r.liechty_SDP for the response.

You know if they have any waiting list that I could subscribe to, or something of the sort?

You can ask in the Smart TV Seller Office but I believe all the documentation and such would only be in Korean.

They are probably doing this with Korean Universities and Korean partners by invitation. That is usually how this works.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thanks for the insight, I messaged the seller support with the questions I had.

So when it comes to SmartTVs, are they the first line of defense?
In other words should I skip the forum and go straight to them?

Been developing apps for Tizen platform for years and still don’t have a dialog with anybody.

I’d like to think the community is useful and sometimes others do help here, especially with the Tizen Tools. This Forum gets a lot of questions but not many people participate in helping others. It should be very active there is a lot of page views.

For Smart TV the Seller Office portal FAQs are the first line of defense, I believe they take a lot of effort to get the common answers there.
The second line is Seller Office questions this is for two reasons. One is so many variations of TVs and two so they know where there are bugs needing fixing.

Samsung Developer Relations

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