Remote Test Lab - what is default font size and zoom

All devices are re-configurated all have with same type different font size different zoom. Nothing make sens can you post for me somewhere what is default zoom level/font-size for devices:

Try today even go to Shop bu tthey had everywhere only Samsung A

Galaxy Z Fold2
Galaxy S20
Galaxy S21 Ultra
Galaxy S20+
Galaxy S10
Galaxy S10+
Galaxy Note10+
Galaxy S21
Galaxy S21+
Galaxy A71
Galaxy Tab S7
Galaxy S9
Galaxy S8
Galaxy Note20

Would you please clarify your query with details? If you want to change the font size, please check the following link:

all devices that I tested somebody change font size zoom level so its not a default and i can’t change it to default (because don’t know it ) value that require me to do my QA test on webview flight app. Same type device configuration are different: +20% font size or +30% zoom but still tested same device just in different location. Like Samsung 20 one device had zoom level 30% another Korea zoom level 10% another change font type another USA zoom level 20 etc.

ad lats can you tel me what is default zoom level font size on Samsung S20 because all your devices are have different value changed by users that are not reset after reconnect by another user

ok so what i will be do i will be reset all you device and after few days some technician repair device and the I will be get default value that i need . because nobody can help me and this is best solution. maybe you don;t use Samsung devices and this is your problem