Complication text font size too small when Run On Device

I am trying to develop my first watch face on my Galaxy Watch 5 using WFS. When I Preview My Watchface the font sizes of my complications (such as Date, or Battery Level, or Steps) are as I would expect. When I Run On Device the font size is very small, and does not change when I change font size in WFS. Can anybody help, please?

Regards, Stuart

I am having the exact same problem. It just started. I tried a completely new project and just did one small box complication - nothing else and still had no luck.

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To make a specific style for a sub-component of complication, you should take care of all complication layouts.
You can check this blog to know about complication layout in detail: Things to Consider when Designing Complication Layouts
If your issue remains, please share image.

The first image is how i set up the complication for sunrise/sunset
The second is how it looks in the preview window on WFS
The third is how it looks when uploaded by my watch (Galaxy Watch 5)
I was able to get the font color changed but was NOT able to modify the font’s type, size or layout
You’ll notice I selected as text only in the complicatioin settings but once uploaded to the watch it shows up with text and icon. I did not want the icon. And I wanted bigger text and text font of my choosing. It appears to use a default font and font size no matter what I try

For Sunrise Sunset short text box it is the Title not the text that shows for some reason and I couldn’t get the Icon to not appear either.

I don’t know if this is WFS or the Weather app’s issue.

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This first image is how I configured a Battery Power complication. I chose 48pt as its size. The font is Sync To Device. I chose a ‘Small Box’ complication slot - don’t know if that makes a difference. It is Text Only.

The following is the result on the watch:

The text is far too small, and there is an icon.

The following is for a ‘Date’ provider:

Once again, text is far too small, and there is an icon.

Also, is there a reliable way to get a project downloaded to a watch such that it always overwites what is already on the watch? I have frequently found that my downloads do not reflect the changes I have made. It is erratic and frustrating!

Regards, Stuart

I know what you mean because I use the same test watch face over and over and not normally but often enough it caches something. So, I’ve gotten into the habit of deleting the watch face before sideloading the newer version.

Regarding the size and appearance of complications, I also see the issues with some complications as well. I don’t know if they are not updated for API 30 (Wear OS 3) or if there is another issue.

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As the complication layout is automatically selected as per the complication provider. So we don’t know which layout will be selected. For this reason, you have to set every layout size individually. For example, for your test case, you have to resize the Text layout only. But after deploying on the watch the watch battery provider provides icon and text so it will select the icon and text layout. As you have not resized the icon and text so the default size is shown on the watch.
Check my images below. I have resized the icon and text layout also which is why my text size on the watch shows 48 pixels.

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Thank you so much. That answered my question. I thought text formatting applied to ANY complication layout. Your explanation clarified everything. Works perfectly now.

Glad to know that my response helped you. My pleasure to support you.

I have spent quite a lot of time researching the problem. WFS alludes to certain funtionality, but doesn’t live upto the promise (or is it the watch, or the OS?). I have experimented with 3 complications: Battery Charge, Date, and Steps. I got varying results. I found that with the Battery Charge and Date it was becessary to use an Icon, Text and Title type, even if I only wanted the text. I found that if I then made the unwanted elements invisible on the Layers pane to the left, and then gave the text (for example) the appropriate size it then gave me what I expected.

I found with the Steps Count that there does not appear to be a default icon (please correct me if I am wroung). Attempts to display the non-existing icon screws everything up. So I used a Text or Text and Title type, suitably sized to get what I wanted.

I am a newbie to watch face design, but I suppose every system has its idiosyncracies and foibles. It is a shame that I am finding them so early on, and they take a long time to bottom out. Should I hold my breath while Samsung or Google fix them - I don’t think so. Shame really.

Please let me know if you can elaborate further.

Regards, Stuart

Great to know that you are showing your interest in Watch Face Studio.

Complications provider don’t provide all data (icon, text and title), that is why you are getting differt types of data and layout.

All complications don’t provide icon. Step count one of them.
Please read this two blogs to know more about complications layout:

  1. Design Complications Using Watch Face Studio | Samsung Developers
  2. Things to Consider when Designing Complication Layouts | Samsung Developers

If you found any bugs, please share it here Samsung Developer Support Channel.

Stuart, give yourself credit! You’re doing exactly what you need to do as far as working with complications. Good Job. Unfortunately WFS can’t determine which layout a complication provider uses so it’s up to us as designers to determine-through trial and error and/or process of elimination-which complication layout a provider uses and then design that layout accordingly. I found that the sunrise/sunset provider uses text and icon, so like you I chose that layout and made icon invisible because I like to use my own icon.

I would say one flaw with WFS is they make it “appear” that if you apply changes to text fonts, sizes, colors etc that it applies to ALL layouts but it actually only applies the layout you have selected at the time. And that confused me until Boshra clarified it for me. For example I chose a yellow font color and font size of 36 while I had layout “text only” selected. when I selected “text and icon” layout it still showed font color yellow and font size 36 when, in fact, that wasn’t the case for this layout.

The steps complication layout may show “text and icon” but actually the steps complication provider doesn’t provide an icon. WFS does not know this as all providers are different. So for steps i use my own designed icon.

You may not realize it but you’ve got complications all figured out. May be a bit tedious and hopefully WFS can make improvements in the future but as a beginner watch face designer you’ve done a great job!!! Keep it up.

This was pointed out to me earlier this month and I found a contact in the Health Team and was told on the next release all Samsung Health Complications will include an Icon. They hadn’t included it because it was optional. The team listened to the feedback and reacted. :slight_smile:

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Many thanks for your comments TwinMarlin, appreciated. I also tried to get just a day of the week (with no icon) to display, but so far I have not been able to - I have parked that for the time being.

Regards, Stuart

Many thanks for escalating this Ron. When you refer to “the next release” what release are you referring to? Watch update? OS update? Would this mean that the displaying or not of the Icon would be down to whether a Text and Icon complication was chosen over Text Only, i.e. the way it should be intuitively configured?

Also, please see my previous comments on the Day of the week complication. I could not display just the Day of the Week without an icon.

I believe @Boshra explained this earlier. It will prioritize the selection, if that selection (without the icon or image) is not available it will use the next complication.

I think a lot of complications were written for API 28 but that will be I think they will need to be updated to API 30 by the end of August and hopefully that will resolve some issues.

I have a Galaxy Watch6 pre-ordered for next week and I am very curious how everything works on that. GW4 and GW5 will also be updated to Wear4 at some point this year.

Finally, there is WFS 1.5.x but I do not know the schedule for that to be released.

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Many thanks Ron

Regards, Stuart