Increase a text for custom complication

Hi! How I can increase a text font?
If I change size of the font in WFS , and choose a complication like weather or step count, fons don’t change and stays small.

Each provider provides a different type. In the screen below, you need to select the type that matches the provider and change the size of the icon or text.


I did it with all complications. But text size dont change.
Also fonts wont change, its always like in text in notifications of watch.

In version 1.3.13 i can change font size.
May be it’s work in 1.4.19?
Where i can find this version?

1.4.19 didn’t last but a few days the current version is 1.4.20 it is HERE

This may be an issue that won’t be resolved until Wear 4 is released.

Samsung Developer Relations

I have issue with last version 1.4.20, so I need to try it on previous version.

You should go back to 1.3.13 if you can. I don’t know when a new release of 1.4.x will come out there are some things they are fixing in that.

Samsung Developer Relations