Remove complication from design

Simple one, I think. How do I remove a complication from a watch design? Just from a particular design. I know you cannot just delete the images. I used a particular battery complication and I want to use a different one (or not use one at all). Thanks

If you add complication it is usually a set of layers. You can select them in the list one by one or as a group (holding shift key) and press delete to remove them.

Thanks. I tried that but maybe I didn’t delete all the layers, just the 25 images of the battery complication, But, yes, there is more to the complication than those images (there has to be). Let me see if I can find all the layers. Will advise. Appreciate the reply.

As Peter Said you should be able to group them and delete them. If there is no image there probably is no layer some images may not show on the watch either no opacity or but be off set and moved. You can go to the C:\Program Files\Galaxy Watch Designer\res\Complications\circle\Battery and open the complication to see all the components and make sure they are deleted from your design.
There is at least one complication (steps) I know of that for some reason also gets put into the AOD watch face as well as the Active Watch Face. So be sure to check that when deleting a complication.

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