AOD mode custom complication issue

Hi, I use customized complication to add it to AOD screen (I copy it from a main screen)
I save it and upload it to my watch - everything is working, but when I reload watchface AOD’s components are disappear.
Is there any way to resolve this issue, or this is program’s restriction/bug?
I use GWS 2.0

hello and welcome to the community, unfortunately in wgd / wgs it is not possible to do many things in the AOD Mode, the seconds cannot be seen, the animations do not work, it does not keep the same background color of the main screen, among other things Unfortunately, the design program is a bit limited in functions, if you don’t want to have limitations you can go from designer to programmer, using Tizen Studio
YA Soft

Thanks, I see. I 'll try something else.

The exact same limitations on AOD are in Tizen Studio apps as well.

Samsung Developer Program

If you have Developer Options on it allows some things in AOD mode that are not allowed in a normal use. Having that on or off may be something affecting this. Without knowing what your custom complication is it is hard to tell if it is a bug or not.

Samsung Developer Program

I did it in another way. Firstly I opening a watchface with desired AOD screen then apply the custom complication to active mode screen. It save and open it correctly.