Adding "Shortcut" complications

hello, under complications it shows some, but not all of them I would have expected. I’m just looking to add shortcut complications (tap it and go to the timer screen for example) or adding complications the user can alter (the ones I’ve seen appear as a 1/4 of the ring around the watchface).

thank you!

Hi @BradFazner ,

If you want a complication which is not present under the complication component tab, you can always create a custom complication of your choice which you can use later for other GWS projects as well. Just select all the components in the design preview of GWS, right click, and then Save As Complication.

There’s no such option in GWS that a user would be able to alter between complications but there might be any trick to achieve this. Let’s see if anyone comes out with any idea about it.

Not sure which one you are talking about.


Thank-you! Screen_20210222_142212

I’m trying to make shortcuts like these (stopwatch/voice memo etc).

Hey @BradFazner ,

There is no such complication added in GWS. You have to create your own complication like this in GWS. The watch face you have mentioned is a built-in watch face from Samsung and it is not developed in GWS. GWS is a simple watch face designer tool for the developers with zero coding background. If you are interested in more complex watch face designs and possess some coding skill then check Tizen Studio.


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Perfect, thank you! I’ll see what I can do with it, thank you for your help!

I am so happy to see that the issue have been solved. Keep sharing this type of post. Looking for the same info.