Remove test lab not working at all

The remove test lab is not working at all, when I reserve a device and click start. It doesn’t download the file like it’s supposed to, it just closes the window :confused:

Be sure you have the correct requirements and read the User Manual
Be sure you have a hub that is close. If you have a distance hub and it is too slow it will disconnect.

If you still can’t get it to work open a support request.

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Samsung Developer Relations

The new remote test lab doesn’t download any files; at least on Windows 10.

Try clearing cache, rebootingand trying again. I never have problems so it’s got to be something with your setup.

thanks for the replies,
I literally just waited a day and tried again and it worked!

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I forgot to mention that. These are real devices and if the previous tester screwed something up they have to be reset… Usually the next morning.


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