Remove watch face in emulator

How do you remove watch faces in emulator? I do not see the - symbol to remove when browsing watch faces.

I do my testing of watch faces in emulator and they are now many “dead” watch faces that I wish to remove.

Can you please explain the question better, as far as I know GWS can only show one face at a time in the emulator not multiple

Let’s say you developed 3 watch faces, there will be 3 icons in emulator. I can’t remove any of them.

What you really mean is when you opened the GWS program right
that is not the emulator, that is just an option for you to open your latest watch faces, which can be changed in the “Edit” preferences in GWS

Sorry I am doing watch development (web). I don’t use other tools.


I tried it and got the same results as you. No option to delete and restarting emulator or even restarting the computer did not clear the cache.

The only way I could do this was to delete the emulator and then create a new one.

It is pretty easy to create a new emulator you might want to create a specific emulator for each of your watch designs.

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Thank you. This sounds like a bug of emulator, hopefully it can be solved in the future.

You can use the command line and SDB to uninstall apps/packages:

sdb uninstall package_id

Just replace package_id with the ID of the watchface that you want to uninstall.

If you feel strongly about this you should go to and file a bug report.

I think the definition of an emulator is to mimic (hardware and OS) so I’m not sure this is a bug and won’t report it. But, I would accept arguments I am wrong.

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Thanks, delete the emulator and then create a new one works fine.