Multiple Watch Faces

Hi i’m new to the forum and GWS but have managed to create a coujple of faces for my watch.
When i click run on device everything works fine and how i would expect but if i do it with a 2nd face it wipes away the 1st.

i presume it is because i am using “Run On Device” instead of something else. What would be the correct method to use so that i could save multiple faces to my watch?

Thanks for any help. Marc

Hi wolvesmarc. Trying to understand. You save and build a watch face and then Run on Device, and it gets installed on your hardware watch. When you build a new watch face and Run on Device, the latest watch face appears, but the previous one is still loaded onto the watch, yes? You can find all loaded watches by pressing and holding the watch face, and then swiping to the right to see other loaded watches.

Hi @wolvesmarc,
I infer you are using the same GWS project for your different designs. In this case, your design gets replaced every-time you push (Run On Device) the project into your watch. Please, create a new project for your new design and then deploy (Run On Device) it into the watch.

Also, check if you are not using the same package name for different watch faces. You can find the package name by clicking Project -> Build.


In simple terms, the Package Id needs to be different for every face, otherwise each new one will overlay the other.

Change the XXXXXXXX every time you build a new face :slight_smile:

Thank you for the advice, managed to do it thanks to your help! Still getting to grips with the basics first.
Thank you all !

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