Request for Access to Samsung Health SDK for Android


I hope this letter finds you well. My name is Muhammad Ahsan Farooq, and I am a Software Engineer at Cognitive Healthcare International. Our organization is actively engaged in the field of remote patient monitoring, and we are impressed by the capabilities offered by the Samsung Health SDK for Android.

After thorough consideration, we are eager to integrate the Samsung Health SDK into our healthcare solutions to enhance remote patient monitoring functionalities. We believe that the SDK’s features align perfectly with our goals, and its utilization will significantly contribute to the improvement of patient care in our programs.

To proceed with the integration, we kindly request access to the Samsung Health SDK for Android, along with the associated access key and secret. We assure you that the use of the SDK will strictly adhere to all terms and conditions outlined by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

As part of our commitment to data security and privacy, we are willing to undergo any necessary training or compliance processes required by Samsung to ensure the responsible and ethical use of the SDK.

We understand the importance of maintaining the integrity and security of the Samsung Health ecosystem and assure you that our organization is fully committed to abiding by the terms and guidelines set forth by Samsung.

We kindly request a meeting or further instructions on the application process, including any documentation or agreements required from our end. We are willing to provide any additional information deemed necessary to facilitate this request promptly.

Thank you for considering our application. We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with Samsung in utilizing the Samsung Health SDK to advance remote patient monitoring capabilities.

Please feel free to contact me at to discuss this request further or to provide any additional information you may require.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Muhammad Ahsan Farooq.

Good news and bad news,
first the bad news.
Samsung Health SDK for Android is for Tizen based watches and has been deprecated you can not get access to it any longer.
Now the good news
For The Wear 3 and Wear 4 devices you should use Health Connect This provides most all of the functionality of the old Samsung Health SDK and will work with Samsung, Google Pixel, and any other watches that use Wear OS 3 and Wear OS 4.

If you need access to specific Samsung Health algorithm data such as ECG then you need to be a Privileged Health Partner and that is not available world wide at this time.

Hope this helps.

Samsung Developer Relations