Samsung Health SDK for Android

We wanted access to the Samsung Health SDK for Android for remote patient monitoring. How can we get the access key and secret?

You can’t that is a deprecated SDK used with Tizen Based Watches. For the past 3 years Samsung Galaxy Watches have been Wear OS Based.

You have a couple options one is to become a Privileged Health Partner or use Health Connect which gets its data from Samsung Health or Google Health and is a lot easier to access but it does not give any of Samsung proprietary data.

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Samsung Developer Relations

Thanks Ron,
We essentially are developing a clinical app which can help our partner HCPs and doctors to monitor certain health parameters of patients using Samsung Watches and Phones and who store their health data on Samsung Health.

Health Connect is in its rudimentary stage and requires the patients to download the health connect app despite having their health data in Samsung Health, which itself leads to many patients refusing it.
With multiple bugs in Health Connect (basis reviews of developers who used it) our HCPs have declined use of Health Connect and therefore prefer working directly with Samsung Health.

We will apply for the Privileged Health Partner program



Let me know if you have an issue with the Privileged Health Partner program it is not available in all countries.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi Ron,
Is it available for India?
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I don’t know they are trying to open it up but every country has it’s own Health Privacy regulations. Apply and they can let you know if it isn’t available in India.

Samsung Developer Relations