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I have been trying to find some information about this but I haven’t seem to have much luck finding an answer. Is there a way of accessing Samsung Health data from a simple RESTful API?

I’m developing a webapp where all collected Samsung Health data would be pretty handy. I don’t require data straight from a tracker device but rather from Samsung Health servers. That’s why its Android SDK doesn’t work for me as the webapp won’t be installed on a device, it is a simple dashboard of information.

I hope someone can shed some light on it.

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Currently there is no REST API for Samsung Health SDK.

Thank you.

This would be hugely beneficial. We run walking challenges in different regions of the US/UK and Canada. We integrate with fitbit,garmin and google fit. We tell our users to either purchase a garmin, fitbit or use their android device to track steps. It has been fairly successful for our small company with up to 10,000 users joining the challenges (and often asking us for recommendations on which device to purchase). Unfortunately Samsung is not in our list of recommendations since they lack a restful api for us to easily integrate.