S-pen api for galaxy flex book


I have a galaxy flex book and i like the idea of the s-pen and air commandes. It’s really interesting to use it for exemple, with PowerPoint because we can use it as a remote cursor to point things on a slide and also to change slide.

But i was little bit surprise that this kind of functionality is not natively available for windows. It’s only available for some apps. Maybe i didn’t search well and in this case, please let me know.

So what i want to do is to simply developpe a tool which will allow me to fully use the s-pen and air commande on Windows. I was looking for an API for the s-pen but i only found an API for android mobile phone.

My question is, do you know if they are an API for the spen on windows? or can we add some behavior to the Air Command app? Where can i find the source code of the Air Command app which should normally be open source according to Microsoft Public License?

thank you in advance for your help.

I moved this to the Galaxy S Pen Remote forum in hopes that someone there can help. The home page for S Pen Remote with the API is HERE.

Samsung Developer Relations

thank you for your help.

I already see this link but, unfortunately, it’s only for android application. Galaxy flex book is a windows computer so i would like to know how to be able to build windows application using s-pen.

My apology, classic support dunderhead response. Reply for what you know not what is asked.

I’ll ask around but I really don’t have any contacts in the Windows OS side of thing. Did you try Stack Overflow or GitHub for anything?

Samsung Developer Relations

Thank you,
Not yet, I usually prefer to ask on dedicated forum where they are more chances to find experts