Air Actions not Register within the App

Hi There!

I’m testing with SPEN Air Action to implement some apps in the future. To get started, I created a simple app to see whether the button pressed is registered within the app. The problem is, that the air action icon shows that the app supports Air actions, but when I press the SPen button, it doesn’t register the inputs.

So can anyone provide anything regarding this problem? I didn’t configure any permission since nothing is required. And yes, I followed the Code Lab and Galaxy S Pen Remote guide. After days of frustration, here I am. So if anyone could support, that would be great. Thanks

So I left the developing part a bit and then opened the app a few hours ago, and surprise surprise, the app registers the SPen inputs finally! However, the actions mentioned in the above onKeyDown() didn’t work. After tinkering with hours, able to find out that the CTRL_LEFT/CTRL_RIGHT/PAGE_DOWN and many more keys are not registering by the Air Action and passing to the app. So the workaround was to use another set of keystrokes. Below attached contains another set of keys, which are not contradicted or consumed by the EditText(Text Inputs).

So the problem is loved. For now at least. I’m planning to release this app after further testing. A simple app for sharing SPen Air Actions with a Windows device.