S Pen handwriting recognition

Hello all! I’ve recently got an S23 Ultra and I love writing with the stylus. Is there an API for the handwriting recognition? Or is there a way to write modules for the recogniser (eg for a new writing system)?


I moved this to the Pen Remote someone might help there.

I didn’t find any documentation on the Handwriting recognition when I looked.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Hello ivan_llaisdy,
Samsung offers S Pen Remote SDK to identify motion coordinates and verifying if the side button is pressed for your application. It does not provide any API for handwriting recognition. However it provides the followings

  • two-dimensional device movement
  • relative values of the current position from the previous position
  • a positive value for the x-coordinates means to move right
  • a positive value for the y-coordinates means to move up
  • value range : -1.0 ~ 1.0

You can try to develop your own methodology for handwriting recognition using these data.


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Dear Ummey,

Thanks, I’ll try it out!