Spen_SDK_5.0.0_full.aar 버전은 안드로이드 11에서 사용이 불가능한가요?

기종 : Galaxy Tab S7
버전 : Anroid 11

Spen 데모버전을 다운받아 실행할경우 Native_construct에서 실패합니다.

안드로이드11에서는 지원하지 않는건가요?

The S Pen SDK is deprecated since January 2019. Being a deprecated SDK, there is no official support for it.

We would suggest you to use Android common APIs regarding S Pen drawing. For this you need to change your application by removing the current deprecated S Pen SDK lib and developing similar hand writing features.

However, if you only need to detect directional motions(Up, Down, Left, Right, Clockwise, and Counterclockwise) of S Pen, you can check out S Pen Remote SDK .Please check out the following links for implementation details: