S10e - Passpoint (Hotspot 2.0)

Hi all

This is probably a question directed to the Samsung development team, but here goes anyway…

We have a Samsung S10e running the latest firmware based on Android 10. It is our understanding that devices supporting Passpoint should set the FEATURE_WIFI_PASSPOINT feature flag (we believe this to be an ACTS validation requirement):


The S10e does support Passpoint; we are able to create and use Passpoint profiles on the device. However, when we query hasSystemFeature() for the FEATURE_WIFI_PASSPOINT flag, the device returns false i.e. Passpoint not supported.

We also have an S20 running Android 10, and this device returns true for FEATURE_WIFI_PASSPOINT.

As far as we can tell, this is the only way for a third party app to query for Passpoint support. Prior to Android 10, we could check if a passpoint profile API method threw an UnsupportedOperationException, but this was deprecated in Android 10.

Please could you confirm if the state of the Passpoint feature flag will be fixed in a future update for the S10e? Alternatively, please let us know if there is another mechanism that you are aware of that will enable us to query for Passpoint support.