Samsung Galaxy A21s doesn't support Android Telecom API?

I’m building a VOIP calling app and I’m using the Telecom APIs to manage ongoing calls.

As stated in google’s documentation (TelecomManager  |  Android Developers) I’m using PackageManager.hasSystemFeature(PackageManager.FEATURE_TELECOM) to check if Telecom is supported on the device. For my surprise when testing with SM-A217F this check returns false.

Is this a viable way of checking this feature’s availability on Samsung devices and if Telecom API is really not supported what would be the proper way for managing call states, routing audio for calls and other Telecom related functionalities?

Hello charli94,

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The “FEATURE_TELECOM” was only added in API level 33 (Android 13). So any devices with lower Android versions will not support this feature.

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