S20+ 5G Unexpectedly dropped from UI 3.0 Beta

I have an issue where an S20+ 5G became unexpectedly unregistered from the Beta program although the Beta is installed on the device and the same Samsung account is used.
Before someone suggests that I ask the question in the Beta Feedback section… please note that when the device unexpectedly “unregistered” from the Beta, the Members App now shows the Beta launch page, but the Beta Feedback and Beta Notices produce an Error and the Beta portion of the App isn’t available. I am running G988USQU1ZTKE and yet the Members App says that Either My Phone or My Account are not registered for the Beta, Please verify. I would like to know how I can verify the status of the device and also the status of the account. Then how would a user remediate this?


The UI 3.0 beta is done by service providers and many do not participate. This is may be why you were unregistered. I would check first with your service provider and if that isn’t helpful you can contact Samsung Developer Support.

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