S21 ultra dex

I bought s21 ultra 16gb hoping that the dex experience will be better.

I’m still stuck at 1080p max!!!

There are no up to date dock from Samsung at all. The docks are outdated and I couldn’t find a Samsung store that sells them.

Why not unlock dex resolution to begin with? If I use Google desktop mode, I get max resolutions like 4k!!!

Now all I want is at least 1440p. 1080p is just too small.

16gb is useless on a phone mode, you’ll never use more than 10gb!!! If you allow bigger resolution through dex mode, then this 16gb will now be useful.

Please unlock the resolution restriction in DEX or release an updated Samsung dock.


This is developer community where developers who make their app compatible with DeX can discuss with each other. It is hard to get solution of your issue from here.

You can try to post your issue in Samsung Community or reach out to support team through Samsung DeX > Support > Contact us. Hopefully you will get better and faster response from here.

Thank you.