S9+ And Dex WMVCORE.dll error


im using a samsing S9+ with cable to usb 3 port in my New windows 10 machine
now it needs Dex to view my S9 okey download…
after a while its done.

now it starts… i get a WMVCORE.dll error
its not on my pc
so i ask a friend with windows 7 64 for that file
its now in my system32 folder.
now i have that file i get again a error
( 0xc000007b)

now im lost… my windows 10 dont likes my S9

Google Search this wmvcore.dll was not found windows 10

Samsung Developer Team

i did this.
advice install windows media player.
to bad its not for windows 10.
why use a old dll to connect a new phone.

me and more then 1500 people missing this dll

It is installed in most versions of Windows 10 by default. Apparently there are some versions that it is an optional feature when you do the install.

Samsung Developer Program