S9+ developer option "Simulate display with cutout" bug


I don’t know if this is the right place to post about it, but I have experienced a bug on my Samsung Galaxy S9+ while trying different settings from the Developer options menu.

I have been able to reproduce the bug a second time, and both times it resulted in my screen freezing, but the phone still operating.
My steps taken were:

  1. Select from “Simulate display with cutout” the option “Corner cutout”
  2. Select from “Simulate display with cutout” the option “Tall cutout”
  3. Screen is now frozen, but the phone is working. The screen just stops updating the image and the cutout is misplaced.

I did not test if the timing between step 1 and step 2 is relevant, because every time I reproduce the bug, I have to hard restart my phone, as I did not succeed in restarting it the normal way.

I have seen that the phone is still operational through the screenshot I took while pressing the buttons to force a restart.

I will be happy to attach a reply with any logs or details you might deem useful, provided that you instruct me how to obtain them. As for some general ones, I have Galaxy S9+ (model number SM-G965F) and I recently installed the latest software update available, the one that brings One UI 2.0 (I am unsure if the bug exists on other versions of software).

I hope to obtain an answer and that this bug will be solved, as it renders the device almost unusable after the steps are reproduced.

I have a S9+ device also but haven’t seen this issue in One UI 1.0. So it can be a bug of latest update.

This really isn’t a developer question but I’ll let it stand since probably only developers can assist you on this.

You can also try reporting this to your service provider and on the Android OS Developer site. I wish I could help you better but this really doesn’t seem to have anything to do with Samsung Developer tools or SDKs.

Hope someone else finds a solution for you,

Samsung Developer Program

Here, try doing this. I had the same problem but it fixed it for me!